Edit work

Apart from making music I also edit video work for others! Here some of my works



Il Tabarro

Just like last year I made the trailer for Opera Spanga and their performance of the opera’s Pagliacci and Il Tabarro. Camera work and editing done by me.

Director : Corina van Eijk

Anne & Zef

I made this trailer for the Opera Anne & Zef

Director: Corina van Eijk
Music: Monique Krus
Text: Ad de Bont
Based on stories drom Anne Frank

Zachtzinnig Radicaal

I helped curator Edith Rijnja for the exhibition ‘Zachtzinnig Radicaal’ with the making of a compilation video. The video was a compilation of all the award winners of Young Artsupport Amsterdam (YAA).  The exhibition was shown at the Arti et Amicitiae. 

Romantiek Nu

I helped Karin Post with all the editing that was needed for the talk in SCHUNCK about Romance, ‘Romantiek Nu’. The talk was part of the Schrit_macher dance Festival. Shown were video’s about the famous ballet dance ‘Giselle’, an interview with Rachel Beaujean (from The National Ballet) and much more. 


​​​​​​​In the summer of 2018 I worked for Opera Spanga with the making of the opera Aida. I stayed about two months in Friesland and helped with their video work. I worked on animated stills and video’s that were projected behind the actors. Together with Bo van der Meulen I also made the teaser. And in 2019 I edited the registration of the entire opera!

SCHUNCK Punk+Dans+Kunst: Angry movements

For the exhibition Punk + Dans + Kunst, I worked with curator and choreographer Karin Post and edited historical Punk video material from the Beeld & Geluid Instituut. Artist which work was shown in this exhibition:  Charles Atlas / Karole Armitage / Roger Ballen / Fernando Belfiore / Marc Bijl / Rob Birza & Berend Strik / Andrea Božić & Julia Willms / Jaap Drupsteen / Gilbert & George / Michel Gondry / Florentina Holzinger / Hugo Kaagman / Gerald van der Kaap / Bastienne Kramer / Noah Latif Lamp / Joep van Lieshout / Rik Meijers / Clunie Reid / Lydia Schouten / Ton Simons / Sorbus / Lucy Suggate / Marjan Teeuwen / Moniek Toebosch / Igor Vrebac / Friso Witteveen / Sara Zamboni / ZOOTENGENANT

Lucy Suggate


Igor Vrebac

For the exhibition Punk+Dans+Kunst : Angry Movements in Schunck, Heerlen. I also got an assignment from two choreographers/dancers to edit their video’s.