Media music

Electric City: filmmusic + film project. With the leftovers of my videoclip “Is It Too Much To Say” I made a new edit. With a story line about surrealism and the line between real and fake I made a music piece with synths and beats.

Film music for a videoportret of Nono Reinhold. A film of Andrea Müller-Schirmer and Claire Pijman, music by: Akiko Mik, soundmix by: Hugo Dijkstal, grading by: Laurent Fluttert © 2019 Stichting Docu Shot

Film music project 1 This is a project made for myself. When I was searching for video material to make music for, I thought of a scene from the film Blade Runner 2049. I liked especially this scene because I remembered the strong vibe it has, the statues at the beginning and the red air. In the film itself there’s hardly sound in this scene, it’s almost silent. So I found it interesting to add sound to it, I find it both ways possible!

Film music project 2 Inspired by the song ‘only the winds’ from Olafur Arnolds I made a project for myself. I searched for a video with nice landscapes and I began to create.

Music for the teaser of “Wheels Of Freedom” A film by Sabiha Sumar, camera by: Claire Pijman, music by Akiko Mik